Mall Madness: A New Jersey Mall’s Chic Art Collection and More Mall News

Art at the Mall — Whenever I click on a news story link, and I realize it’s actually one million tiny videos all going off at once, it makes me never want to work for the media again! But, for this first piece of mall news, I’m allowing this exception. did a lil video thing on a delightfully unexpected topic — mall art!! At Westfield Garden State Plaza, they have a really snazzy contemporary art collection, including melting drums and a small boat partially made of photo slides. 

12-year-old Rapper Lil C-Note Arrested For Selling CDs at Atlanta Mall — This is a sad, distressing piece of mall news. A 12-year-old rapper was arrested at a Georgia shopping mall for allegedly selling CDs. The confrontation involved a police officer grabbing the arm of Lil C-Note and saying, “You’re 12? You’re about to go to jail.” Let a 12-year-old sell his mixtapes! 

Corpus Christi’s Sunrise Mall Was Once a Thriving Shopping Center — Sunrise Mall, as I’ve written about before, is near and dear to my heart as a mall two hours from where I grew up in South Texas. Its claim to fame was being the mall backdrop in 1985’s The Legend of Billie Jean. On Wednesday, Allison Ehrlich of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times wrote a story on Sunrise’s brighter days. There are some GREAT archive photos of a mall that remained, mysteriously, a true time capsule. 

When I walked through Sunrise a few months ago, I was struck by how many storefronts seemed to be unchanged since the early ‘80s. An r/retailporn thread tells me that even as recently as 2017, the renamed Aladdin’s Castle arcade looked like this.


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