1-900-Very-Famous: Fake Candles and Hello Kitty Marshmallows

Hi, Young Celebrities!

I wish I had more time for everything! I’m not sure what’s on my mind, but I think it involves fake candles. Here are a few nice things this week 🙂

🌟 Google Image Search of the Week: Hello Kitty Marshmallows!🌟

🌟 Very  Famous World 🌟

Mall Madness: Jupiter, Florida Had a Mall ICMYI, y’all! The best and brightest of global mall news, with the highlight being a story by the Palm Beach Post about the most cinematically ’80s mall I’ve heard of.

Late Night Real Estate: Pizza and Cowboys in Lander, Wyoming Start all over again in the middle of Wyoming and be the Pizza Cowgirl of your dreams!

🌟 Very Famous TV🌟

Aleia, queen of dynamically dreamy miniature worlds, made a music video for The Growlers. It’s out today!

🌟 Very Famous News 🌟

Dennis Hof, Owner of Love Ranch, Dies at 72 Dennis Hof was many things: a complicated man with complicated views, the “P.T. Barnum of Booty,” and by many accounts, a good guy. This story looks at how his death will affect Nevada brothels.

The Improbable Story Of ‘American Girl,’ Tom Petty’s Biggest Non-Hit “An earnest, maybe even saccharine, homage to some woman, on some cold night…”

O Sister, Where Art Thou? This is not NEW news, but I stumbled across this Texas Monthly story of the Goree All Girl String Band, one of the first “all-female country and western acts in the country, capturing the hearts of millions of radio listeners” that almost completely disappeared from history.

How Do You Make a Fake Brand Authentic?In order to think like a late 80s beauty brand you must first become a late 80s beauty brand. Almost like method acting gone too far, we suddenly had a palm full of lotion with a soothing violet scent…”

🌟Blingee of the Week🌟

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